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Teen Love Quiz : Is It True Love Quiz

In teen age people always fall in love and don't understand, it is true or not. So you are a teenager then just check out whether your love is true or not. Following test is helpful for you to know about your teen love relationship.

  1. When both of you have a disagreement, you both
    Resolve things quickly and respect each other's opinions.
    We don't talk for hours, or days.
    Once the matter cools off we talk on it calmly.
    There is no disagreement between us. We never fight.

  2. For a long days if you have not seen your partner, you are
    Not relaxed and unhappy than normal.
    Missing your partner very much.
    Don't miss him/her a lot.
    Relaxed and happy.

  3. When both of you are talking at public place, your partner will
    Always listens to me
    Don't pay more attention
    Forgets everything and acts like I am the only person with him.
    Asks me if I am quite

  4. Why you like your partner, you always answer
    think a lot and can't answer.
    Because of family relations.
    We have much common interests.
    Don't know.

  5. On weekend you always go out together
    To movie or party.
    Hang out with friends.
    Being alone, spending all time together.
    Bored by doing nothing.

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