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Love Personality Quiz - Test 1

Check out your love personality.

Love means different to different people. Some thinks that it is important and a need in life, some thinks that its not too much important while some are confused about love. So check out What is your love personality?

  1. You are negative or doubtful about love, you think people in love are selfish.

  2. What matters more to you:
    Love or fame, education, success, money, power, and so on.
    True, Love matters more than anything.
    False, Love is not that much important.

  3. Love is only an attraction between two people, and nothing more than that.
    False, there is more than just attraction.

  4. Love is usually comes with more trouble than it is worth.

  5. What you think?
    Love is the most important thing in life.
    Love isn't that important.

  6. You feel unhappy when you are not in a love relationship.

  7. What you think is the most important part of a love relationship?
    Emotional or spiritual connection.

  8. Love isn't as important as some people make it out to be.
    True, its not too much important
    False, love is pretty important.

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